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iVignette is a site dedicated spotlighting a few of the famous artists and scientists that are now deceased.

Right now I am the only one maintaining the site. Because of many other sites I maintain new persons may be added at a slow pace.

Comments are welcome if relevant to the post or page, and are subject to moderation. This means comments may not show up until approved.

Anyone interested in contributing to the site by writing articles please contact me.

Because there is no income I cannot pay you, but if you have a website I can give you links back to your site for any article you write. Writing articles will help you gain exposure on the internet and could ultimately lead to money in your pocket if you pursue it. You could also create a website of your own if you do not have one and put your articles there. Note you can use pen names as the author (like I have) if you don’t want to expose your actual name to the world at this time.


Here are a few examples of articles I have written:



Contact me on the contact form if you are interested in writing articles. The articles must be original, no PLR articles. You will be credited as the author.

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